"Thank you very much for your letter and your kind words. Your condolences to my sisters and I on the passing of our father are most appreciated. It was heartwarming to learn that our father's eye donation has restored sight for two
individuals.Our father was fortunate to have been blessed with good health throughout his
life and he always spoke of sharing that blessing, even after death." J.B.
"Some time ago, you sent a thank you card from one of our son's cornea recipients, a 20 year old university student who was able to see again as a result of Ryan's donation. We were so very touched that he had taken the time to write,
and so very pleased to know that our 10 year old son had helped to give someone their sight back and a chance to "live again"." N.D., D.D. & J.D.
"Thank you for your sympathy letter. My father liked helping others and would be very happy to know that he was able to give someone else a 'sightful' future. He enjoyed the gifts of Nature and thought everything around him to be beautiful. He thanked God every day for his health which he thought to be the most important thing in life" F.P.
"...He was a very good man, had a very good sense of humour, and liked to make people laugh.
I miss him very much, but it is comforting to know that he is helping someone else. ..I would ask that once in a while, you give a special smile just for him." J.P.
"Parents have dreams that their children will lead prosperous lives and contribute to the betterment of the world in which we live. As a 1st year high school student our son was just at the start of his journey into the real world
where we believe his skills, knowledge, and energy would have given him the opportunity
to succeed. We know that in his death he will make a significant difference to those who received his organs and corneas and who will now have a chance to live a better life. We have also learned that the benefits extend to their families and friends in a more positive way than we could have at first imagined." N.A. & M.M.
"Thank you for your kind letter again. It helps me tremendously to know that two people can now see because of my son. It is a long and lonely journey." B.P.


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